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Focus Groups

SECA hosts focus groups in StorageX, Bits & Watts, and Hydrogen.

StorageXThe affiliate focus group of the StorageX initiative. StorageX brings together a world-class, interdisciplinary group of Stanford faculty from more than 7 departments to tackle the grand challenges in energy storage. Leveraging Stanford's expertise from materials science to economics, StorageX solidifies Stanford's unique role in translating fundamental discoveries to widespread application.




















The mission of StorageX is:  

  • Conduct cutting-edge research on energy storage ranging from materials, to devices, to systems
  • Generate breakthrough technology with proven scalability 
  • Establish a synergistic platform integrating worldwide funding from government, industry, investors and donors
  • Educate students to become the next-generation energy leaders

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Bits & Watts: The affiliate focus group of the Bits & Watts initiative. Bits & Watts seeks to create a new paradigm to incorporate large amounts of clean power and the growing number of distributed energy resources, while simultaneously enabling grid reliability, resilience, security and affordability. 

The initiative's objectives include:


  • Offer and implement new research ideas and de-risk them for the electricity ecosystem
  • Educate faculty, students, post-doctoral fellows and staff about the holistic systems-focused approach to solving problems for the electricity ecosystem
  • Offer holistic educational experience for current industry executives and other leaders
  • Create open-source hardware and software solutions rapidly adopted by industry and policymakers
  • Maintain flexibility amid uncertainty to exploit emerging technologies
  • Be a trusted and unbiased convener
  • Create platforms and protocols for sharing data with due consideration of privacy, security and confidentiality

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Hydrogen: A global community of academicians, industrialists, thought leaders and government officials convened to advance the use of hydrogen for stable, long-term, low-carbon energy storage that can be transported and utilized around the world across many industries. This focus group has been collectively created and established by SECA, NGI, and SUNCAT.

The Stanford Hydrogen Focus Group's research and interests in the hydrogen economy span the entire supply chain, including hydrogen creation, distribution and storage, and utilization.

The Hydrogen Focus Group continues to engage in three primary activities:
1) Convene workshops and symposia of technology- and thought-leaders in the field;
2) Support and coordinate research at Stanford, and among Stanford and focus group participants; and
3) Provide educational services and be a technical resource to the global hydrogen community.

It is anticipated that a mature Hydrogen Initiative will launch late-2021 based on the great interest in, and momentum of the Hydrogen Focus Group.


Funding Opportunities

Nov. 2021 Funding Opportunity Announcements: CEC & DOE Agencies


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